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Who We Are

Women For a Change Organization (WFAO) is a women led rights advocacy and awareness raising network founded October 2018 to respond, to promote and protect women, youth, sexual reproductive health rights awareness and social economic well-being of the targeted groups in rural communities of Uganda.

The target groups are adolescents and youth aged 14-24, youth of 25-35, adults of 35-55, females and males of child bearing age witha special interest in PWDs.

Health Project

WFAO is focussing on raising awareness and advocating for sexual reproductive health services such as family planning, STIs prevention, sex education among adolescents e.t.c


WFAO is engaging communities to be empowered economically and the target areas where WFAO is focussing mostly is adult literacy in business skills.

Building Alliances

Build Alliances with Men and other Networks working for the promotion of women empowerment and emanicipation.


WFAO: Improving Sexual Reproductive Health Rights.

How We Work

WFAO has experienced staff in SRHR Training and members of reproductive health Uganda, Gender Mainstreaming Trainers, SGBV Activists, Fiancial Literacy Trainers, Village Savings and loans association trainers. This is done through; mobilization, sensitization and Trainings in SHR and HIV/AIDS.

Assessment and Selection of sustainable livelihoods (viable IGAs) for the beneficiaries.

Trainings and Life Skills like Tailoring and Hair Dressing.

Friends of WFAO

Our Clients

Why Women For A Change Organization in the African Continent?
Why Women For A Change Organization in the African Continent?
Why Women For A Change Organization in the African Continent?



Nalado Cell, Nabweyo Ward, Budaka Town Council, Budaka District, Eastern Uganda
Mbale-Tirinyi High-Way, Opposite Bugwere High School
Tel: +256700368058, +256789938292
E-Mail Address: info@wfao.org, womenforchange07@gmail.com
Website: https://www.wfao.org/